Benefit from my many years of experience as CEO and operations manager. Let me convince you of my proven methods and processes which I have perfected over the past 40 years. Gain added value for you, your team and your organization.

Not every company has enough specialized personnell for every area of expertise. Especially when fulfilling external contracts it can be helpful to draw on the knowledge of a consultant and their area of expertise. This is known as consulting. It has transformed the business culture of German and international companies. 

About me
Dirk Elies, Master of Business Administration MBA, exployee development, coach, teacher and trainer (IHK certified), instructor, paramedic

For over 40 years I was CEO, operations manager and consultant for firms in the industrial sector, non-profit organizations and schools. 

Of course your initial consultation is free and non-binding.

“Opportunities don´t happen. 
You create them.”

John D. Rockefeller