Areas of expertise

Thank you for showing interest in my broad spectrum of expertise and knowledge.

I work as consultant, coach, teacher, instructor and trainer for various businesses, firms and organizations:

  • Consultant for business administration and management
  • Human rescources (HR) management and development of teams and processes
  • Leadership skills training, executive personell coaching and self-management
  • Communication and conflict management
  • “Train the trainer” (certification, continuing education and advanced training)
  • Teacher in the areas of business, economics, foreign trade, logistics, law (BGB, HGB, bancruptcy, employment law), HR management (not including salaries and wages), purchasing, marketing, change- , project-, lean- and process management, tender offers, communication and intercultural skills
  • IHK examinations board member for: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelors of Arts, industrial business management assistant, certified trucker
  • Certification, continuing education and advanced training for truckers including all BKF-modules
  • Safety training for drivers of passenger cars, trucks, busses and emergency vehicles
  • Emergency medicine trainings for businesses and doctor offices
  • Instructor for parametics, emergency medical technicians (EMT), first aid & first responders

” I didn’t get there by wishing for it or
hoping for it, but by working for it.” 

Estée Lauder 

Personal coach 

  • Management and leadership skills training
  • Human recources (HR) management and development for employees and teams
  • Professional development and career planning
  • Stress management, burnout prevention and management, work-life balance